Privacy policy

1. Gathering personal information

When you want to benefit from the services that Digitalsolutions makes available to you, we request certain personal data both about you and about the company you own in order to be able to help you with the problems you have.

a) Information provided by you voluntarily - you choose to provide personal data voluntarily through our website,, for a future collaboration (voluntary) or when you choose to have a collaboration with us (mandatory). - send an email to - call the phone number 0726194175

b) Cookie information helps us to adapt our services to your needs and desires by beautifying the content of the site by storing information. This cookie can be deleted, blocked by you whenever you want.

2. Protection of personal data

Digitalsolutions is committed to protecting and maintaining the confidentiality of your personal data in accordance with Law 677/2001.

3. The rights of persons registered according to Law 677/2001:

- the right to information - the right to access data - the right to intervene on the data - the right of opposition - the right to restrict data

Providing the data to DigitalSolutions means your consent for this data to be manipulated by SC Digitalsolutions SRL.

4. The personal data we collect and their purpose.

- Name and surname: to be able to contact you when you want to use our services. - Telephone and e-mail: means of communication between us and you when you have decided to use our services.

- The name of the company you own: to be able to conclude the contract when you want to collaborate with us, and to be able to bill you for the services paid by you. - Improve your website.

5. Use of personal data:

- there is a request from you to work with our company - we receive the offer from you in order to purchase our services - by contract, you want us to solve certain problems that you encounter in your business - concluding commercial relations between you and our agency

6. Disclosure of personal information:

Web-solutions does not sell or rent your personal data. Only with your consent can we disclose aggregate information to other customers or the press in order to show how our company operates, what results it has and to advertise us.

Also, personal information may be made public to any public institution of the state which has a judicial character and is accompanied by warrants, ordinances or other requests by law.

7. Period of storage of personal data

We will retain your personal data for the entire contractual period you have with us. Billing data will be deleted in accordance with legal terms.

8. Minors

Web Digital does not collect personal data from minors. Parents and legal guardians should be aware that the data provided by minors voluntarily through e-mail, blog, etc. may be used by third parties, and they are required to inform minors of the responsible use of the data.

9. Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics because it helps us make business decisions. Google collects data through Google Analytics, so we advise you to read its privacy policy carefully,

10. Changes

Web solutions has the option to make changes to the Privacy Policy at any time, and these updates can be seen by the date that will change as the content is updated.