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Criteries of making Logo

Layout integration

The integration of the logo in the background of the site or of the online store is very important as far as its design is concerned.


Just as the Nike or Coca Cola logos are unique and unmistakable, so the logo that represents your brand must be original and expressive.

Composition criteria

Depending on the environment in which the logo will work mainly web, mobile, print or retail, it must comply with certain composition criteria specific to that environment.

Name criteria

The name should be original, memorable, easy to write or read and of course easy to pronounce and not include unwanted meanings. To be suitable for the field of activity.

Build your brand starting with a custom logo, it can be represented by a symbol and a name, or next to the business slogan. The logo must represent the brand, the image and sometimes indicate the field of activity. Depending on the field of activity, the logo can be used for: business cards, website or online store, banners,

for gluing companies' cars, inscription of various objects for marketing purposes (pen, diary, uniform, etc.) and the list goes on. So if you are at the beginning of the road, we advise you to choose the logo creation service of our agency to represent your brand before investing in marketing strategies or campaigns.

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175$ ⇛ 3 reviews

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